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April 23rd 2015   Yesterday Gavan was farewelled before a huge congregation at St Joseph’s Church in Warragul to the tune of “Wattles In Heaven” – a wonderful song that he wrote several years ago. I can’t say I have been a believer in an after-life, but this morning Susan and I experienced something quite extraordinary. I had left our CD “Takin ‘Time” in the CD player of our car yesterday and it was on the Cat Steven’s track “How Can I Tell You That I Love You.” I decided to switch to a radio station and the first one I pressed was out of range so I switched to another, which by pure chance was our local radio station 3BBR, who have copies of our CDs. The song that was playing on Russel Street’s morning show was…. “How can I tell You..” and the words of the song almost sychronised with where we had been with the CD in our car. And the words of the song were… “Wherever I am, I’m always walking with you; I’m always walking with you. But I look and you’re not there….Each night and day I pray, In hope that I might find you,  In hope that I might find you, Because heart’s can do no more, Can do no more .” Was it Gavan reaching out to his wonderful wife Marie ? The chances of what happened occurring are incalculable. That we left when we did; that the CD was in the car on that particular track, and that Russell was playing that track at that precise time on his radio show. If you’re up their Gavan, then we’ll join you one day!     Every concert we play from now on will be performed with Gavan along side us.

January 2015…………

Gig Carrier Ford Territory

Sue&Me InDenilaquinNSW


Well, after a quiet few weeks at the start of January we are now back in to full swing with a (almost)  new Gig Carrier –  Ford Territory. Susan and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary up at Echucha on 21st January and played a small gig for the Numurkah Probus Group whilst we were up there visiting friends.  From there we headed off to Echucha and enjoyed three more relaxing days along the Murray River.   From Monday 9th February till the Friday we will be up at Bright for some more R & R and hope to fill in time playing at  a few places while we are there.     Coming up at the end of February is the Boolarra Folk Festival.   For a full breakdown of our appearance to date please just click here.   Bye for Now!

 November – December 2014

Well, it’s only taken me four years since we set up our website to acknowledge that there are still a lot of people out there who simply visit Facebook.  So….I bit the bullet and finally set one up for Takin’ Time, and it has proved to be an interesting and enjoyable way of interacting with folks than simply though the web site.

The URL address is :  https://www.facebook.com/takintime.com.au   or simply click on the logo :      So far we’ve had some lovely feedback and anyone who “likes” the page….please do so !

Our program of music through to Christmas is also (and has been) quite hectic.  As well as a regular Friday evening at the Brandy Creek Winery, we have several other engagements, including the re-opening night for the Grove On Willow Restaurant  at Willow Grove …click here…from around 6.30 pm, which follows on from our Christmas Function for the Members at the Ferntree Gully Bowls Club during the afternoon, and a frantic dash back from there to Willow Grove !!

On a sad note, Susan’s brother Robert passed away on 30th November aged 55 after a brief battle with lung cancer.  It has certainly dampened the lead up to our festive season.    Other than that…roll on the New Year.  Our best wishes to all.

July – November 2014

Well, life doesn’t get any better than playing music, being paid (sometimes) and fed (sometimes) at venues ranging from Wild Dog & Brandy Creek Wineries, Leongatha senior citizens and others, Berwick Folk club, and so many tour groups at the Darnum Musical Village where we offer the entertainment to our guests,  Invariably Susan’s singing seems to elucidate wonderfully generous comments from the visitors and to the blend of music and harmonies we have been producing.   And with Phill Edwards playing bass for us now regularly, we have established a foothold in several respectable venues.  AND….since it is now ten years that Susan and I have been performing together as a duo – as well as our ten years together as a couple – we are putting on a 10th Anniversary Concert at the Darnum Musical Village on Sunday 9th November, from 2 – 5 pm,
AnniversaryConcert    Not sure why I ended up with two columns !?   Other than that the main major venue we’re playing at is the Brandy Creek Winery Restaurant in Buln Buln Rd Drouin.  Hope to entice some of you there.  The food and hospitality of the host is amazing.  We are there every Friday evening and selected days at the weekends.  Check out our Appearances page.    December is shaping up as a very busy one and it won’t be till the new year that things quieten down.   MERRY CHRISTMAS FOLKS !

January – June 2014

Still going well on the ABT 199 trial at the Peter MacCallum Institute and our music has been full on since the start of the year – as you can see from our “Appearnces” page.  In amidst all that I  (Colin) made a trip to England to visit my 95 year old father who had recently had a fall, and was struggling to recover from it.  Fortunately he is now home and celebrated his 95th birthday on 27 June.  My inspiration for sure.  We helped raise over $2000 for the Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Tea with Phil Edwards (bass player) who has joined us on a more regular basis.  Phil has been extremely committed to our music and we are developing an even better sound with him alongside us.  Susan’s singing continues to stun those who hear her, and we are extending our gig base all the time.  On Mother’s Day at The  Wild Dog Winery in Warragul there were over 180 patrons there at lunchtime, and even though the chatter was a bit loud at times many folks came over to speak to us and thank us for our music.

May – December 2013

The year has flown by since I last updated our blog.  Now retired from teaching I (Colin) have spent the year dealing with a health problem and fitting a multitude of musical commitments in as well.  I am happy to say that I have been involved with the clinical trial of a new drug called ABT 199 at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute in Melbourne for blood cancers.  Mine, a form of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, has been with me for 18 years and was becoming a bit of a problem again (long story) but this new drug has had amazing results in many forms of blood cancer and mine has responded extremely well.  And it’s ongoing so the promise of a good few more years playing music around the State;  this year from Inverloch to Ballarat to Geelong and many places in between we played 33 gigs, mostly just Susan and myself.   In addition we enjoyed performing for 30 odd tour groups at the Darnum Musical Village Wally DeBacker (Gotye) , who had visited the Village back in April, returned to  record some of the wonderful sounds from the many instruments on display there, and we enjoyed exchanging CDs with him., which included a limited edition vinyl LP!  He really is a very talented and creative musician. “Hi Colin and Sue

Thanks for the letter you sent.  Sweet to hear you were enjoying my work.   I had a good listen to your record in the car on an extended drive this week and also enjoyed.  Sue’s got a sweet voice (I also really like her flute sound!) and the songs and guitar arrangements are lovely.   Cheers and hope to see you again sometime soon,

We are also presently in the process of recording another CD with quite a few of our own compositions.  Susan’s song “Aussie Through And Through” has been extremely well received whenever we’ve performed it and we’ve had several request for it to appear on a CD.  So….as the year comes to a close 2014 is looking to be a very positive one for us both, and we look forward to playing many more gigs with a continuously expanding repertoire.

March-April 2013

What an amazing two months for us with our music.  We had a fabulous night at The Ferntree Gully Bowls Club with Dave Hocking & Treacy Dunkley on St Patrick’s Eve on March 16th.  Since then we’ve played 8 other gigs including an appearance at The Melton Shire’s Harmony Day Presentations and two concerts with legendary Country Music star Gavan Arden.  The second of these, at The Darnum Musical Village, was quite extraordinary when Gotye – 650 million + hits (as at September 2015) on YouTube!!!!!! with “Somebody I used to know.” – made an impromptu appearance.  He was there to view the Village’s unique collection of musical instruments and was gracious enough to stick around to watch us perform.
entry date 1/4/13

January – March 2013

We have enjoyed some great music so far into 2013 with several tour groups at the Darnum Musical Village and performances for Leongatha Seniors, Baw baw Shire’s Australia Day Breakfast in Drouin, Latrobe Valley Hostel,  Andrew’s House,  Mitchel House et al.  On St Patrick’s Day we had a wonderful reaction to our music at the Ferntree Gully Bowling Club and were at “Harmony Day”  Celebrations for the Melton City Council at The Caroline Springs Leisure Centre on 23rd March.  We have been joined by Dave & Treacy (See photo) from ‘Detour’ for the St Patrick’s Night and have another gig planned with them in July.  We also posted a new video on YouTube.  “Steal Away.”

October – December 2012

From Darnum to Ballarat to Inverloch and Numurkah we have enjoyed playing for some great audiences during the last few months of the year and our Cd sales for the year have topped 600, BUT we want to sell more!! So next year we will be going all out to increase our performances at both the Musical Village and throughout Victoria. I (Colin) am now retired from teaching and we will be putting a lot more time into our music. We also intend recording another CD and I will be establishing a mini recording studio at Darnum for local musicians who would like to record their music without the exorbitant fees charged at many professional studios. Folks can contact us by email or by phone on (03) 5627 8490.
entry date:19/12/2012

Winter-Spring 2012

We’ve had plenty of gigs to keep us busy through the winter embracing a morning melodies at The Yarram Country Club with Terry Cupples and a concert for the Sebastapol Senior Citizens at Ballarat, both of which proved very successful and have led to tentative bookings for next year. We’ve had quite a few other engagements to and quite a number more at the Darnum Musical Village. It really is quite amazing how folks are riveted once they hear Susan’s singing and it is a good feeling to know now after eight years together that we have a blend of music that so many people seem to love. CD sales for the year have gone past 400 and we are anticipating more towards the end of the year.Next year we will have time for even more gigs further afield as I will officially be retired from teaching to concentrate on our music and other things. Life’s good, and music is most definitely ‘food for the soul’!

entry date:26/09/2012

Summer into Autumn 2012

We have enjoyed a very busy period through to the end of March with performances at Inverloch, Leongatha, Numurkah, Boolarra Folk Festival, a private 60th birthday where we played prior to an amazing set by Daryl Cotton, ? Keyes (from Master’s Apprentices), and Russell Morris.


Wockstock Hippie!  Jindivick  Feb 2012 where we were the support act to Cotton, Keys & Morris.

Wockstock Hippie! Jindivick Feb 2012 where we were the support act to Cotton, Keys & Morris.

Plans are underway for a concert to support beyondblue, and registering for several folk/music festivals, and a "Serene and Tranquil” music night at the Darnum Music Village.

entry date:25/03/2012

December 2011

It was great to finish off the year with a flurry of eight engagement leading up to Christmas, and capped off by an impromptu performance with Gavan Arden at the Jindi Cafe on New Year’s Eve. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This photo was taken at the Woorayl Probus Group Christmas Function in Leongatha, with Bill Anderson on board, playing the bass.

entry date:7/01/2012

CD Launch November 2011


Susan & Colin Parrish officially released their 4th CD at the Darnum Musical Village on Sunday 20th November before an audience of around 80 – about as many as the Musical Village could take. Some of those attending had travelled from as far away as Numurka and Bairnsdale, Inverloch and the Mornington Peninsular to be at the launch. Sue and Colin are the resident musicians at the Village with Albert Fox, and have established themselves as a highly regarded music duo throughout the Gippsland region and beyond in recent years. At the concert they were joined by Brenden Morris on double bass and Yarragon resident John Reid on percussion, both of whom played a pivotal role during the recording of the CD – entitled “From Both Sides”. Sue and Colin were both born in England and have enjoyed living on ‘both sides’ of the world. Australia though, is very much there home these days and Sue has been a resident now in Darnum for 21 years. The launch heralds a busy few months in the lead up to Christmas for the couple with seven engagements through till then.Their music is also being featured at seven radio stations across Victoria, including 3 BBR Gippsland FM, as well as in Bendigo, Echuca, Inverloch, Glen Huntly (Golden Day’s Radio, North West Radio (Glenroy/NW Suburbs, and Mt Beauty FMs (Alpine Radio)

entry date:22/11/2011

July – August

The preceding three months have been relatively quiet for us compared to last year, but in many ways that has been a good thing. Sadly, Susan’s father passed away on the 4th July (his birthday!) after a long illness. The funeral was a very moving occasion, but we were able to celebrate his special life, rather than mourn his passing at the age of 81 years. It also became apparent that Susan’s mum, Jean, was in a very frail condition and we have had her with us to care for now for the past four months. But this break also allowed us to complete our 4th CD, which so many people have been asking for. Details below. My feeling now is that it has come through very well indeed, and we will be having a CD launch on Sunday 20th November at the Darnum Musical Village. In the meantime we are waiting for copyright approval and then production of the CD from our record company in Sydney. I’ll be uploading a few snippets for our "Music Samples” file asap. Finally, it is nice to see bookings for several Christmas functions rolling in.

entry date:25/09/2011

March through to June

In front of Shakespeare's House, Stratford, England 2006 (Our honeymoon)

In front of Shakespeare’s House, Stratford, England 2006 (Our honeymoon)

We’ve had a great few months playing at numerous venues, culminating in a very successful concert at the Old Drouin Butter Factory where we put on a special concert with Gavan Arden – Gippsland’s own country music star – as our special guest. It was a great afternoon with in excess of 70 folk enjoying the beauty of Susan’s voice and some well rehearsed melodies – featuring Brenden Morris on Double Bass, who had only just completed a round of engagements with the Warragul Theatre Company’s production of "Guys & Dolls”. Gavan is a pleasure to work with and his music combines good old country style compositions with great humour.

entry date:4/06/2011

Boolarra Folk Festival

The Boolarra Folk Festival is becoming one of the best in the country and this, the 9th, was blessed with a beautifully sunny, if cool, autumn day.Having played the launch at Yinnar last year we were delighted to have been asked to perform on the main program, and it was a truly exciting and enjoyable experience.

On Stage At Boolarra

On Stage At Boolarra

Despite a few sound problems at the start we received a tremendous reception from the 1000 plus audience and the feedback we received was very positive, and included an invitation to play at the renowned Tyers Acoustic Music Club in June. We will certainly be looking to play there again next year.

entry date:9/03/2011

December through to February

The period from November through Christmas and into 2011 proved very busy for us with 8 shows in December including New Years Eve at the Pig & Whistle down on the Mornington Peninsula; a lull in January, and then on tour with the great country performer Gavan Arden where we played three concerts with him at Poowong, Moe and Bairnsdale. The final performance was up at the Numurkah Bowls Club where we were delighted by the fantastic reception they gave us. The start of March see us performing at The Boolarra Folk Festival with Terry Cupples and Leigh Bechaz, and we have put together a great set.  Sue In Emerald GreenSue continues to blow them away with her terrific singing, which has reached as far as America, where we received a beautiful email from a guy by the name of Gene Webber – which you can read under our Testimonials.

entry date:4/03/2011


Lions 1

The past two months have indeed been busy ones for our music with 14 tour groups visiting the Darnum Musical Village (where we provide the entertainment) as well as several other functions. We enjoyed a great night of ‘Musical Intrigue’ at Gypsy Creek Winery Restaurant at Labertouche; a great reception from the Darnum Music Lovers (many thanks to Bill Anderson on the lagerphone!) together with playing at the closing ceremony of the Lion’s Club Convention held at Logan Park in Warragul and a function for the Baw Baw Shire at the Elizabethan. There are a few new photos in the Gallery, and we are heading in to another busy period with the lead up to Christmas, so check out our ‘appearances’.

entry date:3/11/2010

August & The Old Drouin Butter Factory

August proved a busy month for us at the Darnum Musical Village, and with two appearances; one at The Barn On Jackson’s in Jindivick, and our third concert at the Old Drouin Butter Factory on 28th. The night proved to be immensely successful, with a great audience, who were given a "By Request” set, where they got to choose 15 of the songs they wanted from a list of 40. With Terry Cupples on Bass, and Leigh Bechaz on acoustic & electric guitar, the crowd warmed to their choice of songs and we didn’t finish till 10.40 pm, following a 7.30 pm start. Our sincere thanks to Margaret and Ken for allowing us the use of their wonderful venue, and to the audience, who were all very appreciative of our music.

entry date:29/08/2010
Matchstalk Men Song!  A Concert at The Old Drouin Butter Factory

Matchstalk Men Song! A Concert at The Old Drouin Butter Factory

June & July

June and July have been two very busy months for us with performances at several venues away from the Musical Village, including some great music at The Barn on Jackson’s, with Terry Cupples, and the Morwell German Club with Leigh Beechaz and Peter Drysdale. and the Village has kept us very busy with a whole bunch of tour groups.

entry date:22/07/2010

April – May

Due to an unexpected health problem, April and May effectively became a write off!! But life goes on and the outcome of the surgery I (Colin) had on 3rd May is that I am slowly getting back into the swing of things, and managed to join in with the German Club gig on 30th May. We had Leigh Beechaz and Peter Drysdale with us and managed to put on a great afternoon of music for them. We were very happy to be asked back for another go next year. Up coming are concerts at the Darnum Musical Village, and a return to The Barn On Jackson’s in Jindivick on 26th June and 21st August(See Appearances for details.)

entry date:6/06/2010


We had a busy two months following Valentines Day at Gypsy Creek Winery, with several tour groups visiting the Darnum Musical Village together with support to the vist of the famous balalaika player Yuri Mougerman with his wife Isobella, performing at Fairview Homes for the Royal Children’s Hospital Appeal where they raised over $2500 with around 160 people in attendance. Also, another successfull music trivia night at Glenfyne Gardens Cafe/Restaurant.

entry date:15/04/2010

Boolarra Launch

We were very pleased with the reception we had at theBoolarra Folk Festival Launch on Friday evening 26th Februaryat the Yinnar Art Gallery. Our 40 minute session drew some much appreciated comments. Thanks to Terry Cupples and Leigh Beechaz for their contribution, and Susan’s singing and dexterity on the flute and tenor recorder were a hi-light for the audience. We are looking forward to playing at the festival next year as part of the Saturday program.

entry date:26/02/2010

December 2009 & The Year That Was

Deniliquin 025

Following hard on the heals of a busy November we finally completed our 2009 engagements at 7 venues in December, finishing with Christmas eve at Nelson’s restaurant in Trafalgar and an impromptu ‘jam’ on New Year’s Eve. In between I managed to fly over to Fiji for four day for my daughter’s wedding, at which I was persuaded to get up for a couple of songs. The year started with the launch of our web site in February, and this has been a great success. We also posted three videos on YouTube which have drawn some very positive comments and we are hoping for greater viewings in 2010. Over the course of the year we had completed 46 individual gigs and over 100 concerts at the Darnum Musical Village. Albert Fox came through a 5-way heart by-pass operation and seems fitter than he has been for a long time. Susan and I are still very much in love (aaahh) and would like to thank everyone that has supported us throughout the year, with a special thanks to Bob Tyler who has moved on to other fields.Finally, a lovely message sent by a guy called George Clark in the US.”Greetings from Midwest USA Just recently ran across your wonderful rendition of the American Folk song, Shenandoah on YouTube. Susan’s voice is absolutely beautiful and Colin’s guitar playing superb. The Torongo Falls backdrop was gorgeous and I am constantly amazed at the beauty of your Australia.”

entry date:4/01/2010

Glenfyne Wedding

Laurie & Amy1

We were very pleased to have been asked to provide the wedding ceremony music and dinner music for the wedding of Laurie and Amy on Saturday 12th December. It was a cool day but the rain held off and both the bride and groom looked great! Congratulations! Check out the picture gallery.

entry date:12/12/2009

November’s Gone!

November was again an exciting month for us as, along with Terry Cupples, we provided the entertainment for an engagement party for the Vitale family on the 14th in Drouin; a 6oth birthday party for Stan Waters and Janine at the MaCallister Hotel in Maffra on the 28th, and a 25th wedding anniversay for Mary Garret at the Amberlea Reception Venue in Cranbourne on Sunday afternoon 29th, with Brenden Morris on bass guitar. All three gigs were thoroughly enjoyable and we are looking forward to playing at the MaCallister Hotel again in the New year. Date TBA. As well we had several tour groups at the Darnum Musical Village and great CD sales over the month. Just December to go! I am off to Fiji for my daughter’s wedding on the 17th returning on the 20th in time for Christmas Eve at Nelson’s Restaurant in Trafalga.

entry date:3/12/2009

The Month Of October.

We had a busy month in October, starting with a birthday celebration for the Pakenham Probus Club on the 2nd October. We followed that up a week later providing the entertainment – with Terry Cupples on bass – at a 50th Birthday party at Glenfyne Gardens, which carried on late into the night. Tony & Sylvana were kept busy at the bar and serving food. The following day we played for Henk’s 70th birthday at the Warragul RSL. We also played at Glenfyne over the weekend of 24th & 25th October as part of the Baw Baw Gardavilia Festival, and were pleased to accept a wedding booking in December, and a 60th birthday next year. In between there were some great tour groups at the Musical Village. Our YouTube videos are still attracting some interest but it would be nice if we could break the 100,000 mark before too long! (Mmmm,,,,,wishful thinking perhaps!)

entry date:1/11/2009

The Month Of September

We played some very enjoyable gigs during September. Apart from several tour groups at the Darnum Musical Village we enjoyed a lunchtime performance for the Meals On Wheels Program of Baw Baw Shire at the Daisy Patch in Warragul. We were honoured to be invited to perform at renowned local country music artist, Gavan Arden’s, 70th birthday party
     at Rokeby,   Gavan & Marie along with several other well known music people from across Victoria.

A 20th birthday celebration for Pakenham Probus Club,  and an impromptu performance at the Old Dublin Cafe in Deniliquin, NSW, in the week leading up to the annual – and now very famous – “Ute Muster” where over 10,000 utes are expected to gather over the long weekend of 2nd – 5th October.    Old Dublin Cafe Front DeniliquinThanks Carol!

entry date:2/10/2009

Neil & Evelyn’s Wedding

The weather ceased its erratic behaviour on Saturday 22nd August long enough for the wedding to go ahead in the grounds of Karl Mohr’s place at Moe. We had a great afternoon and folks seemed to enjoy the music immensely. Neil's weding 009

entry date:23/08/2009

Musical Intrigue @ Glenfyne Gardens

Glenfyne Trivia Night

Our first ever “Night of Musical Intrigue” at Glenfyne Gardens and Cafe/Restaurant in South Drouin was a great success. The cafe was just about full and it made for a very intimate evening. The patrons enjoyed some lovely music and great prizes, although one lady commented that she “didn’t care about the prizes” because she was enjoying the music so much.

entry date:1/07/2009

Brigid Lambert’s 80th

It was a delight to perform some typically Irish music for a typically Irish Senior citizen and her family on 6th June at the Moe Racing Club. Congratulations Brigid on reaching such a noble period in your life. Thankyou Carmel, Pauline and the rest of the family for entrusting us with the music for this special occasion, and especially Carmel for her enthusiasm for what we do!

entry date:6/06/2009

Second Butter Factory Concert

We enjoyed another great reception at our second “Songs Through The Ages” concert at the Old Drouin Butter Factory on Saturday May 16th. With Terry Cupples joining us on bass, and with Bob on mandolin we were given some wonderful compliments at the end of the show.  Butter Factory 7It’s nice to realise what a great sound we can produce in such a lovely venue, and we will be scheduling another concert there in September or October.

entry date:18/05/2009

Good Friday Appeal

We were very happy to have been involved in the Fairview Homes Royal Children’s Hospital Appeal. They had been worried that the fund-raising for the Bushfire Appeal would affect this year’s appeal, but we were all pleasantly surprised at the figure of $2032 which almost matched last year’s figure. A great turnout of residents and relatives.

entry date:24/04/2009

Music Lovers Concert

We were granted a simply beautiful day at the Darnum Musical Village for our concert with the Darnum Music Lovers. And they gave us a wonderful reception with what, we were told, had been their biggest turn out in almost three years (100+), despite it being the Tuesday after Easter. Several groups came down from the Valley to hear Susan’s singing and they gave us an encore at the finish. Many thanks to the Music Lovers for asking us to perform.

entry date:15/04/2009

Medieval To Modern Concert

Medieval To ModernWe had a tremendous reception from the audience at our debut performance of“Medieval To Modern…Songs Through The Ages.”at the Old Drouin Butter Factory on Saturday 4th April. With the added support of Brenden Morris on Bass Guitar, we managed to take the audience on a journey of music from the 15th to the 21st centuries. Susan began a little nervously, but by the end of the evening was in full voice with a beautiful rendition of “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds, and an encore with her own composition “Marly.” We will be back there next month for a follow up performance.

entry date:5/04/2009

What happened in 2008

2008 proved to be quite a tremendous one for us even though we didn’t really start performing until March following my (Colin) stem cell transplant in January. Bald as a coote and 10 kg lighter Susan and I (the bald one) and Bob (with Terry on a few occasions) had completed 44 gigs by year’s end, ranging from playing to dementia patients at the Springvale Nursing Home, to birthdays, weddings, Senior Citizens Venues, pubs and clubs, a six month fortnightly stint at the Moe RSL, through to The Victorian Tidy Town’s Presentation Night in October where we entertained before around 200 guests. The Year ended with Christmas Eve at Nelson’s Restaurant and New Years Eve with the Jack Pretty Band at Bonnie Medley’s Barn On Jacksons at Jindivick. On top of all that were around 45 sessions providing the entertainment (concert Style)at The Darnum Musical Village. My hair had grown back by then and I’d put on 5 kg in weight. A sleek 64 kgs now! 2008 certainly was a landmark one for us. Sue’s singing and flute playing has been capturing attention every where we’ve played. Here’s to a great 2009.

entry date:13/02/2009

Fun at ReunionMaxCameron Letter

Thanks Max and Elizabeth we had a great time entertaining the excellent crowd at your Y.A.F. Reunion.

entry date:3/02/2009

Eric Bogle replies

Bogle letter (Medium)

We sent our CD “Takin Time” to Eric Bogle not long ago. He has taken time out from his busy schedule to send the attached review.

entry date:22/05/2008

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